Meet Meme


Meet Juniper Bar & Restaurant Sous Chef Meme Daniell. The back of the house staff often do not find themselves in the spotlight but since the beginning, Meme has been an essential member of our food and beverage program. We are so proud to have her as part of the Hotel Vermont team!

If you are interested about joining the Juniper team or learning more about our food and beverage program please email

Work With Us!

We are hiring! Join the Hotel Vermont team for some great full- and part-time and seasonal positions.

Positions include working at the Front Desk and with our Reservations Team, serving or cooking at Juniper, working in our banquet spaces, and leading activities in and outside of the hotel. More information can be found at or by emailing our HR team at

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Ramping Around: Foraging with Chef Doug

Last week some of our staff members took to the forests of Vermont to harvest ramps. Found in the spring, ramps are wild onions that look similar to scallions or leeks and taste like a spicy garlicky onion. Historically, the wild onion was a staple food source for the native American tribe of the Abenaki who settled throughout Vermont with a large portion finding their home in Winooski River Valley. The Winooski River was named after the ramps, meaning “the place where the onions are” in Abenaki. These days, ramps are mainly foraged, making them a darling of farmers’ markets.

The foraging season is relatively short and starts early in spring just as the snow melts and the greens sprout out of the ground yielding slender leek-like vegetable. However on Chef Doug’s recommendation, we planned our adventure later in May so that the bulbs would be larger. In order to forage sustainably, we followed the one-in-five rule, where one plant was harvested for every five left in the ground.

Composed of a pearly white bulb, tuber and leafy green stem, all parts of this allium can be used in the kitchen. Much like onions, ramps are delicious in a number of ways: try roasting or grilling them on their own or incorporating them in other dishes. Our personal favorite is a ramp pesto. We raided the Juniper Kitchen for Chef Doug’s recipe for you to try at home.

Vermont Ramp Pesto:
1lb ramps
1/2 cup sunflower seed oil
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup raw apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup hazelnuts
1/4# hard sheep’s milk cheese (Bonnie View Farm Ben Nevis works great)
Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth and enjoy!

Christmas Tree Cutting at Murray Hill Farm

Transformation complete! Thank you so much to Murray Hill Farm for a Vermonty Christmas tree experience. A great family owned place in Waterbury, they provided sleds and saws for us to hike around and cut down our trees as well as hot chocolate and cider to warm up with on the way home. If you haven’t gotten your tree yet, we can’t recommend them enough! picstitch

A Busy Beehive at Booska’s

Some of our staff spent this weekend at Booska’s Warehouse, packing boxes with items to go in our bedrooms. We used recycled boxes from Booska’s to pack items for all 125 rooms. Everything is being moved in, put in the bedrooms and being prepped for opening next week. Thanks to everyone for donating their time and efforts to the cause – the countdown to opening is on!

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Thanks for putting up with us Cherry St!

Thanks for putting up with us Cherry St!

Tori, our Marketing Coordinator, and other Hotel Vermont staff passed out Champlain Orchard cider donuts and Juniper coupons to our Cherry Street neighbors this morning as a thank you to everyone for putting up with construction for the past year. If we missed you this morning, still drop in and see us – we really appreciate your support!