Mix It Up: Mixology 101 at Hotel Vermont

Our Bar Manager, Ashley Wolf, outlines our mixology class as well as discusses what you need to make a good home bar. Ashley one of Juniper’s creative forces behind our wine & spirits program and is often found leading our mixology classes or testing out new concoctions behind the bar. 

Interested in trying your hand at being a master mixologist? Our Mixology Package helps you learn all the tricks of the trade from some of the best. Shake, stir, build, flip, and rinse creating classic cocktails and new favorites that will impress all your friends back home. To finish up sip on your own creations while you learn about the array of Vermont spirits, brews, and wines.

In the mean-time here are my favorite tools and products for stocking your own home bar.

Tools: What you’ll need to mix it up.

Boston shaker: A combo of a glass pint and tin to shake up perfectly frosty drinks.

Hawthorne Strainer: Got to strain out those ice chips!

Mixing glass: Best used for crystal clear liquor forward drinks such as a classic martini or manhattan.

Barspoon: Used to stir liquor forward drinks without breaking up ice too much.

Muddler: Because who doesn’t love a good mojito? Use your muddler to gently release herbs and fruits essences for well infused cocktails.

Spirits, Liqueurs, and More: What you should stock.

Basic spirits: Everyone has their preference but I’ll stick to what I love, the local stuff. In Vermont we are incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by artisanal spirits. I suggest that you stock a well balanced gin, vodka, rum, rye, and bourbon to get started. Stay tuned to learn more about Hotel Vermont’s gin and vodka as well as some of our local favorites!

Vermouths, Cordials, Apertifs,Digestifs, Amaros, and More…

Vermouth: A well made sweet and dry vermouth are a must to create the classics. May I suggest Noelly Pratt?

Everything Else… These can be based on personal taste preference. Look to these to build cocktails to create a more sweet, bitter, or invigorating palate. While I love buying new and  intriguing liqueurs, at my house you’ll always find Campari, Green Chartreuse, and Fernet Branca.

Odds and ends: Angostura bitters, simple syrup, and lemon can go a long way. If you’re keeping it simple start here. Don’t be scared to look to your garden or farmer’s market for herbs, produce, and inspiration!


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