Laughing Moon Chocolates for Hotel Vermont

We have partnered with Laughing Moon Chocolates to create an exclusive Hotel Vermont truffle. Handmade in Stowe, VT, the chocolates now accompany Hen of the Wood’s Little Sweets as our turn down treats for guests. Leigh Williams from Laughing Moon guest blogs today on the Laughing Moon story and our partnership. 

Making a special chocolate for the Hotel Vermont was a natural fit for Vermont based Laughing Moon Chocolates. The primary focus of both businesses is quality and guest experience and Laughing Moon Chocolate’s owner Leigh Williams wanted to create something exclusive to the hotel that tasted like Vermont. “We decided it needed an element of maple that stood out, and that was the jumping off point.” Hotel Vermont general manager Hans Van Wees has worked with Williams before and both welcomed the opportunity to collaborate again. The result is pure magic! Williams explains, “We created a homemade maple marshmallow and blended our truffle ganache with it.” It is a decadent combination of all that Hotel Vermont represents and Williams is pleased with the product. Laughing Moon Chocolates has a small retail shop in the village of Stowe, Vermont where all of their chocolates are cooked in small batches and hand-dipped to perfection. Laughing Moon has made a conscious decision to stay small and maintain the uniqueness that only a handmade product can offer. The Hotel Vermont Maple Marshmallow Truffle is available only at The Hotel Vermont and at Laughing Moon Chocolates in Stowe. They may be purchased online at

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