Guest Post: NPI’s Meeting Experience

Happy Friday! Today’s post comes from Dawn McGinnis of Network Performance Inc, who is the Business Development & Marketing Coordinator for NPI.  In addition to event planning she also manages media opportunities, organizes staff functions and cultivates new business opportunities. NPI recently held a meeting at Hotel Vermont and Dawn volunteered to share their experience. 

In the fall of 2013 NPI, a Technology Management company in South Burlington, decided to sponsor a series of luncheons for Vermont business executives. The goal was to gather business owners and managers in a comfortable setting to learn and discuss new technologies, security concerns and other topics relevant to business growth.

These topics included Cloud Contracts, Cybersecurity, Personal Device Risks and Responsibilities and Scanning & Storing Information. Our co-hosts ranged from People’s United Bank, SecurShred, Dinse Knapp & McAndrew to Creative Office Pavilion and others.

Our goal was to provide a forum where business executives could come together to learn important technology information in an informal setting that encouraged participation. Yes there was an outline and a Powerpoint but instead of a lecture format this event was meant to be about sharing knowledge.

Our first choice was Hotel Vermont as a venue for these meetings. The Van Ness room was a perfect fit: a room that could accommodate 25 guests, a wall of windows with doors leading to an outside patio, two hours of free parking and easy accessibility were some of the features that appealed to us.

Event Coordinator John Abair provided valuable assistance from planning the menus to smoothing any bumps on event day. Banquet Captain Ashleigh Bullard made sure that the food delivery was flawless. The rest of the catering staff pitched in as needed to ensure success.

A few words about the food: the menu includes sandwiches, salads, soups and burgers and each is presented with flair—from tasty homemade soups with add-ins to unusual sandwiches (roasted beets, feta, pesto and pea shoot for example) there was always something fun to offer. One particularly successful meal included lasagna and mushroom gnocchi—not a lot of leftovers with that one!

The 2014 luncheon series wrapped up earlier this month and we are busy planning a new approach to reach clients and prospective customers. Thank you to Hotel Vermont for making this two-year series so enjoyable for NPI, the co-sponsors and our guests.

By Dawn McGinnis Business Development & Marketing Coordinator

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