Candles with Cassie

Happy Holidays Hotel Vermonters! This are getting cozy around here; from Christmas Tree to indoor activities, we are getting in the spirit!

Cassie, our Activities Coordinator, who during the summer months takes people biking, kayaking, paddle boarding and running has set up shop inside until the snow sticks. She has put together a holiday activities schedule to rival any elf’s. One of her more popular activities is candle making. Cassie explains how to make these mason jar candles at home:

IMG_4532 (2)

Beeswax are simple, yet elegant, timeless, but still trending, and a classic must have.  Hotel Vermont uses all natural beeswax with a simple cotton wick combined into a small jelly jar to create a simplistic work of art.


4 oz. jelly jar, jelly jar lid, 3” wick, wick holder, crock pot or double boiler, natural beeswax pellets, ladle, tablespoon, newspaper or other disposable table covering


Begin by melting the beeswax pellets in your crockpot or double boiler.  The wax doesn’t burn at crock pot temperatures, so there is no need to worry about burning raw wax, crank it up!  While the wax is melting into its liquid state, begin to prepare your jelly jars by placing a wick in the center of the jar, and pressing the top of the wick into the wick holder.  This will allow your hands to focus on pouring hot wax, rather than holding the wick in the center of the jar.  Once the wax has melted, and your wick is in place, hold a tablespoon on the edge of the jar opposite of yourself.  Continue by placing a ladle of hot wax onto the spoon, and pouring into the jar towards yourself.  The spoon makes a great drip catcher, and will make your candle nice a neat, after all, ladling is never pretty.  Fill your jelly jar just until the liquid sits about a half inch from the rim.

Once your jar is filled to the perfect amount, let your candle cool in a room temperature space.  If too cold, the candle will shrink away from the edges of the jar and possibly crack.  If too hot, the candle will remain in its liquid state longer.  If your candle does crack or shrink, simply put a fresh layer of hot wax over the entire top of the candle to fill in any gaps or splits.  Once your candle is full and has had time to set into its solid form, light and enjoy!

Make this candle your own by adding pine needles, pieces of a cinnamon stick, cranberries or other delightfully smelly things while the wax is still hot and in its liquid form.

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