Join us on Thursdays for our weekly Argentine Asado!

In Argentina, the word asado refers not only to a grilling technique, but also the social event of having or attending a barbeque. In celebration of our Argentine investors, guests will join together at a communal table and pass salads and bread amongst themselves. As cuts of meat and vegetables finish grilling, these are brought around to the table for everyone to add to their plate. Meats may include sausages, chicken, steak cuts, sweetbreads, ribs and more, and will be selected by our chef based on local availability and the event. A traditional dessert will be offered at the end of the meal. Some examples may include flan, crepes, dulce de leche, etc.

A portion of the proceeds from each Asado will go to support the Rumbos Foundation, an organization that works to change lives through making Argentina handicap accessible.

$65 includes tax, gratuity, and beverage service. Beverage options will include non-alcoholic thirst quenchers, and traditional Argentinian wines including a red, white and rose option. Cash bar will also be available.


IMG_1952 IMG_1966 IMG_1957 IMG_1949




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