10 Things You Should Know About The Burlington Writer’s Workshop

The Triangle loved our Burlington Writers Workshop booklets! We are very fortunate to have such talented and passionate writers in our area. Read more about Peter Biello, BWW’s founder, and the group in The Triangle’s post.

The Triangle

global_243712572 Two weeks ago, Erin and I stayed at the Hotel Vermont , in Burlington, VT. The hotel was incredible in many ways (the restaurant, the aesthetic, the location, the free Keurigs) but most the most notable quality for us was that every room comes with a complimentary zine-style literary journal from the Burlington Writer’s Workshop. Equally exciting, the room also came with a small journal to record thoughts/ideas during our stay. The booklet featured four writers, clocking in around 18 pages. It gave us a glimpse into the valued literary community in this quaint, hip, lakeshore town called Burlington.


We had to investigate. What was the Burlington Writer’s Workshop? Why does the top-rated hotel in the state carry a sampling of their work in every room? How did this happen? As we explored the local bookstores we found this nameBurlington Writer’s Workshopon the cover of two…

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