Welcome to March!

Sugar and mud season are upon us but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do! Check out Miss Magpie’s picks for March.


Streams aren’t the only things running this time of year. When temps rise above 40 degrees in Vermont, sap begins to pour out of our maple trees by the bucket load. The Sugarhouses boil it and make it into maple syrup. Take your family to enjoy sugar-on-snow, our long-standing, end-of-winter tradition. Sugar shacks will pour warm maple syrup over fresh snow turning into something that has the consistency of taffy and serve it with a pickle and donuts.

One of the best ways to learn about the sugaring process is to visit the New England Maple Museum. There your can take a trip through 200 years of maple sugaring history. It is a bargain too – $5 for adults and $1 for kids. Now that’s sweet!


Sugarhouses and events on our list to visit include:

End O Road Maple Sugarhouse (Jericho) – In addition to sugar-on-snow, kids will love the free samples of maple cream donuts, waffles with maple syrup, maple candies and maple lemonade! The maple syrup here is made in a traditional, wood-fired evaporator fed by miles of sap lines. The owners are onsite to give tours of the shack and tell you more than just a few facts about sugaring. There is lots of great antique equipment and old photographs so you can see just how the history of sugaring has progressed over the years.

Dakin Farm Sugar on Snow and Pancake Breakfast (Ferrisbugh) – For two weekends in March, Dakin Farm hosts an “all you can eat” pancake breakfast. In addition to those giant buttermilk flapjacks served with bacon and sausage, enjoy live music and free maple syrup samples.

Maple Open House Weekend (March 23-23) – On this weekend over 80 Vermont sugar makers invite you to visit their farms and sugarhouses. Some sugar makers will offer tours and horse-drawn wagon rides, and others will have tastings, sugar-on-snow, and maple donuts. Because no two sugarhouses are the same, plan on visiting more than one!.

Now go get yourselves some snow snacks!

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