Meet our Event Coordinator, John

photo (7)

At Hotel Vermont, we like to think of our staff members as true individuals, who help to create an uniquely Vermont experience for our guests.   In the first post of our staff series, we invite you to meet John, our Event Coordinator.

John describes himself as an artist, a writer, a dreamer and a friend. Musically, John strives to carry on the legacy of the great troubadour (a poet who writes verse to music) Woody Guthrie. When asked what kind of animal John would be if he chose a brilliant dolphin. Other points of interest: his favorite foods consist of melted cheese and meat.  If he had the ability to spend the day out and about, he would go fishing at the Little River, located by the Waterbury Reservoir.  John is the Event Coordinator at Hotel Vermont and has been a valued Westport team member for 3 years. John is afraid of bears, and if you are lucky, someday you may see him play.

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