DJ Luis Calderin Presents the Carnival

DJ Luis Calderin is making his Juniper debut Friday, June 14, 9:00pm. DJ Luis will be at Juniper every Friday.

With over 20 years of extensive DJ experience under his belt, it’s safe to say that Burlingtonian, DJ Luis Calderin, knows how to rock a party.

And as Hotel Vermont’s Music Director and Resident DJ at Juniper Bar, DJ Luis Calderin welcomes you to experience his latest project, “the Carnival,” a new weekly night featuring music from around the world that transcends space and time.

In a world of music segmentation, “the Carnival” is about bringing people together from all walks of life and all cultural interests through music and vibe.

It’s a big world and there have been a lot of great jams made along the way.  From Soul to Folk, Hip-Hop to Jazz, Indie to House, and Disco to Dancehall, the rules are simple – if it grooves it goes.

Welcome Home.

DJ Luis Calderin at Hotel Vermont

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